5 Best Hindi to English Dictionary Apps for Android (2024)

Hindi and English these are both languages is the most popular and most speaking language overall the world, but maximum people know about english language or maximum people can speak this language.

But hindi language haven’t the same condition because it is some difficult to learn than english, if you wanna to learn hindi language i will recommend you a app in this post, or you can get some ideas from other places.

In this post I will share with you 5 best hindi to english dictionary apps for android, thats helps you can learn hindi or english and you can translate these both languages hindi to english or english to hindi.

Many of apps are available in the market to translate these both languages and learn these languages but I will suggest you some useful and trusted apps on this content.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate is the most popular and most useful language translation app for android users, it is comes with billions on users overall the world.

This app comes with lot of useful and easy-to-use features such as you can translate text in images, you can draw text characters and even more.

But you can translate some languages without any internet connection, it is support over 100 languages.

Hindi-English Translator

Hindi English Dictionary

Hindi-English Translator is also a good app, if you wanna translate only hindi to english language, with this app helps you can translate quickly your words, tens or paragraph.

And everybody can use this app easily because interface of this app is very-very simple and easy-to-use and easy-to-understand and you can see your translated history and favourite list without internet connection.

English Hindi Dictionary

It is a popular english to hindi and hindi to english dictionary app on google play store, after downloading from play store you can use this app without any internet connection with lot of useful features.

Such as auto suggestion, pronounce & voice search , antonyms, synonyms, backup and restore, history & study plan, available word game and even more.

Hi Dictionary

Hi Dictionary is also a popular language learning and translation app, thats app helps you can translate 135 languages and you can use this app easily in offline mode for instant search and translation.

But this app is not only do these things, On the apps available instant proofreading and grammar checking feature, available text and camera translation feature and more useful features are available.

Simply Learn Hindi

Simply Learn Hindi

It is not any a completely translation app but thats app helps you can translate your english or hindi sentance, with this app helps you can learn hindi with almost every type of need such as if you’re beginner or you wanna learn for traveling and from any other work.

In this app available lot of useful features such as available over 300 free hindi phrases and words, available high quality audios, quick search function, hindi quiz to review your skills, you can track your learning process and even more.

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Conclusion – 

In this post i have shared with you 5 best hindi to english dictionary apps for android, thats helps you can learn or translate these both languages, you can use this apps while traveling because if you haven’t any idea about these languages you can use this apps.

But you can use this apps according to your needs, i only giving you some ideas about these apps, I hoopely this post help you get your answer of this question, if you like this post you can share with your friends and family members and comment me if you have any question about this post.

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