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What is ai technology and How it Works

What is Ai (Artificial intelligence) –

Ai is the world’s most useful present technology and the ai technology mostly  demand of the going to be humans future time, and the ai technology use for smartphones, computers, applications, websites, machines and etc and humans made ai machines behave like humans mostly ai and machine learning i use by of python programing language or ai machines work for like humans.

Ai technology started, who? –

Earlier man was searching for the real power of a computer system, then a thought came into the mind of humans that machines can think like humans and this question started Artificial intelligence (Ai) with only one objective, such as making machines that can work like humans, think like humans etc. 

In 1955 famous American computer scientist John McCarthy used the artificial intelligence word for the first time and he only talked about artificial intelligence for the first time in an American conference, so he is also called the father of artificial intelligence. 

How it works –

We are using the ai technology in our smartphones Siri. You can say “hey Siri” and ask your questions without touching your smartphone. just like that Alexa device, Google assistant, Google maps etc it is AI machines.  

The ai technology is not used for only smartphone devices, the technology used for the automobiles industry like Tesla car auto driving system, the technology used for many industries like health industry, etc. 

Advantage of Ai (Artificial intelligence) –

– Ai helps to work faster.

– Ai helps to reduce errors.

– Ai helps found a digital assistant for you.

– Ai helps to take a fast dissection for you.

Disadvantage Ai (Artificial intelligence) –

– The highly expenditure cost of dollars to ai machines making and repairing of ai machines.

– Ai makes most humans lazy.

– Ai machines promote self-employment.

– Ai can be dangerous for humans’ futures.

FAQ – 

Question ; What is AI used for today?

Answer ; Voice Assistant, Siri, Amazon, Facebook and more companies use AI.

Question ; Who is the father of AI?

Answer ; John McCarthy is known as the father of AI. 

Question ; What are basic AI examples?

Answer ; Google Maps, Chatbots, Social media these are the basic examples.

Conclusion – 

In this article I did share with you what is ai technology and how it works, I hope this post is helpful for you if you’ve any questions related to this post you can ask in the comment section and share the post with your friends and family members.

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